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Courtiers by Valentine Low

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Author : Valentine Low

Publisher : St. Martin's Press

Published date : 06 Oct 2022

Genres : Biography

ISBN-10 : 9781250282569

ISBN-13 : 9789781250286

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About the Book

Courtiers by Valentine Low

Unlock the secrets of the Royal Family with a riveting exploration by Valentine Low, an esteemed Royal correspondent for The Times. Delve into the inner workings of the monarchy as he poses crucial questions: Who truly holds the reins, and what lies ahead as Charles III takes the throne?

Across centuries, the British monarchy has relied on its courtiers—the trusted advisors in the inner circle of the sovereign—to navigate the delicate balance between public duty and private life. In this gripping account, Low unveils the unseen forces that guide the royal family, shaping it as a familial unit, an ancient institution, and a constitutional pillar. After an extraordinary 70 years of service, Queen Elizabeth II faced the final seasons of her reign without the guidance of her husband, Prince Philip. Meanwhile, the newly ascended Charles grapples with defining his future as King and shaping the trajectory of his court.

The role of courtiers has never been more critical, with a cloud over Prince Andrew and the high-profile departure of Harry and Meghan from royal life. The intricate relationship between modern courtiers and royal principals is now under global scrutiny. As William and Kate, the new Prince and Princess of Wales, embrace a 21st-century approach to media relations, they shoulder the responsibility of revitalizing this ancient institution for the decades ahead.

"Courtiers" unveils a dynamic system of evolving characters, changing values, and competing visions for the monarchy's future. In this pivotal moment in history, Low provides an insider's perspective on how the monarchy truly operates. Explore the complex tapestry of relationships, challenges, and aspirations that shape the Royal Family in this compelling narrative.

About the Author

Valentine Low

a few words

Valentine Low is a British journalist and writer. He has been associated with The Times, a prominent British newspaper, for many years. Low has covered a wide range of topics in his journalism career, including news, features, and cultural events.

It's important to note that information about individuals, especially journalists, may change over time due to career moves, new projects, or other developments. Therefore, for the most current and accurate information about Valentine Low and his work, it is advisable to check recent sources, including his professional profiles and contributions to The Times.

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