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BLACK WARRANT by Sunil Gupta

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Author : Sunil Gupta

Publisher : Roli Books

Published date : 10 Nov 2019

Genres : Biography


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BLACK WARRANT by Sunil Gupta

What is life like inside Asia’s largest prison? What happens when a man is hanged, but his pulse refuses to give up even after two hours? Did Nirbhaya’s rapist, Ram Singh, commit suicide or was he murdered? For the first time we have a riveting account from an insider who has spent close to four decades as an officer at Tihar Jail during some of the most turbulent times in Indian political history. For the first time he breaks his silence about all he’s seen – from the first man he met in Tihar, Charles Sobhraj, to the controversies surrounding former CBI head, Alok Verma. Responsible for carrying out ‘Black Warrants’, Gupta witnessed 14 hangings, the most recent and his last, being that of Afzal Guru. Joining him is award-winning journalist Sunetra Choudhury whose recent book Behind Bars is a bestseller and took her deep inside the maze of prisons. Read this book for the most intimate and raw account of India’s judicial and criminal justice system.

About the Author

Sunil Gupta

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Sunil Gupta began working at Tihar Jail in 1981 and was later promoted to the position of spokesperson and legal advisor of the jail. Since leaving Tihar Jail, he has worked with the High Court and Supreme Court as an advocate and member of the Delhi High Court Bar Association, accomplishing much to improve India’s prison systems, from introducing Special Courts within the prisons to initiating video conferencing connections between jails and the court. He has also fought for gender equality within the prison system by ensuring that women are availed the same privileges of semi-open and open jail which are availed to men. His efforts have earned him the India Vision Award for his achievements in the field of Prison Reforms and Administration. Gupta is the sole officer from the legal field to have received the President’s Correctional Medal for Distinguished Services. This is his first book. Sunetra Choudhury started her career at the Indian Express newspaper where she headed the city team. Three years later she moved to TV news and joined NDTV. After covering the 2009 election campaign travelling across the country on a bus for two months, she wrote Braking News. Her latest book Behind Bars: Prison Tales of India’s Most Famous (2017, Roli Books) was the result of extensive interviews with high-profile inmates. In 2016, she received the Red Ink award and is the 2018 Jefferson Fellow

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BLACK WARRANT  by Sunil Gupta

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