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I Saw Death Coming

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Author : Kidada E. Williams

Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing

Published date : 17 Jan 2023

Genres : History


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About the Book

I Saw Death Coming

Explore the untold stories of survival in the Reconstruction-era South with "I Saw Death Coming," a groundbreaking exploration by Kidada E. Williams, longlisted for the National Book Award in Nonfiction.

Dive into a powerful and deeply moving narrative that reexamines the struggle for survival in the aftermath of the Civil War. This heart-wrenching account sheds light on the lived experiences of African Americans in the South during this pivotal era, highlighting their inspiring determination to overcome white supremacist violence that persisted well into the 1880s. Kidada E. Williams provides a breakthrough perspective, drawing from overlooked sources and offering minute-by-minute records of nighttime raids and Ku Klux Klan strikes.

In "I Saw Death Coming," Williams unveils the often sidelined stories of post-Civil War Black families, enriching our understanding of the obstacles they faced and the enduring impact of the trauma they endured. This essential book brings to light the daily existence of formerly enslaved people building hope-filled new lives, and it utilizes cutting-edge scholarship on trauma to explore the long-lasting effects of the violence they experienced.

Shortlisted for the Museum of African American History's Stone Book Award, "I Saw Death Coming" is a revelatory and indispensable read. For those interested in the questions of our times and the untold narratives of resilience, this book is a must-read. Perfect for fans of Carol Anderson, Tiya Miles, and Clint Smith, it provides a fresh perspective on a critical period in American history.

About the Author

Kidada E. Williams

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Kidada E. Williams is an accomplished scholar and historian known for her contributions to the field of African American history. Please note that more recent information may not be included in this response.

Kidada E. Williams has focused her academic pursuits on issues related to African American history, particularly with an emphasis on the experiences of Black people during and after the Civil War. She is known for her work in uncovering and exploring the narratives of formerly enslaved individuals and their efforts to shape their own lives in the face of adversity.

Williams has published extensively on topics such as emancipation, freedom, and the struggles for civil rights. Her research often sheds light on the agency of African Americans during critical historical periods, challenging traditional narratives and offering a more nuanced understanding of their contributions to shaping American history.

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