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Awe by Dacher Keltner

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Author : Dacher Keltner

Publisher : Penguin Ananda

Published date : 03 Jan 2023

Genres : Personal development


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About the Book

Awe by Dacher Keltner

Awe is a captivating and enigmatic emotion that has long defied scientific quantification. How can we measure the spine-tingling sensation of witnessing the Grand Canyon or the sheer wonder of a child taking their first steps? Describing the collective euphoria of singing harmoniously in a crowd or the marvel inspired by centuries-old artworks presents a challenge. Until recently, awe lacked a dedicated scientific study, as researchers focused on emotions deemed crucial for human survival, such as fear and disgust.

In his groundbreaking work, "Awe," Dacher Keltner delves into this elusive emotion, combining new research on its transformative effects on our brains and bodies with an exploration of awe across history, culture, and his own experiences during a period of grief. Keltner argues that awe plays a crucial role in meeting our fundamental social needs, fostering cooperation, community formation, and cultural development. As our world faces unprecedented challenges and divisions, cultivating awe in our daily lives becomes essential.

Keltner reveals how awe enhances our cognitive abilities, guiding us towards profound ideas and fresh insights. Moreover, it has tangible effects on our physical well-being, reducing inflammation and strengthening our bodies. Awe prompts us to share and build robust social networks, encouraging actions that benefit the natural and social environment. It is a transformative force that influences our identity, inspiring the creation of art, music, and religion.

In a time marked by societal fractures, "Awe" serves as a valuable field guide, offering both radical and profound perspectives. Keltner, a leading authority on the subject and a fellow seeker of awe, provides enlightening and practical insights on integrating awe as a vital force in our lives. Open your mind to awe, and discover how it sharpens your reasoning, connects you to big ideas, and transforms you, ultimately enriching your human experience.

About the Author

Dacher Keltner

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Dacher Keltner holds a position as a psychology professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and serves as the faculty director for UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center. Specializing in the scientific study of human emotions, Dr. Keltner focuses on topics such as compassion, awe, the expression of emotions, and how our emotional experiences shape our moral values and quest for significance. His research also extends to examining issues related to power dynamics, social status, inequality, and social class. Dr. Keltner has authored books, including "The Power Paradox" and the bestselling "Born to Be Good," and has coedited "The Compassionate Instinct." Please note that the information provided may be based on the status as of my last update in January 2022, and there may be further developments or new works by Dr. Keltner since then.

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