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Advances in Food Process Engineering

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Published date : 04 Jul 2018

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Advances in Food Process Engineering

This is the second publication stemming from the International Congress on Engineering in Food, the first being Food Engineering Interfaces, based on the last ICEF10. The theme of ICEF 11, held in Athens, Greece in May 2011, is “Food Process Engineering in a Changing World.” The conference explored the ways food engineering contributes to the solutions of vital problems in a world of increasing population and complexity that is under the severe constraints of limited resources of raw materials, energy, and environment. The book, comprised of 32 chapters, features an interdisciplinary focus, including food materials science, engineering properties of foods, advances in food process technology, novel food processes, functional foods, food waste engineering, food process design, and economics, modeling food safety and quality, and innovation management.

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Advances in Food Process Engineering

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