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Mr. Breakfast by Jonathan Carroll

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Author : Jonathan Carroll

Publisher : ‎ Melville House

Published date : 17 Jan 2023

Genres : Fantasy


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About the Book

Mr. Breakfast by Jonathan Carroll

Dive into the enchanting world of "Mr. Breakfast," a novel by Jonathan Carroll, hailed as a brilliant exploration of art, love, inspiration, and the essence of a fulfilling life. Neil Gaiman praises it as a "beautiful, brilliant meditation," while Michael Dirda of The Washington Post describes Carroll's prose as engaging, comic, and filled with unexpected twists.

Follow the journey of Graham Patterson, a struggling comedian at a crossroads in life. Recently heartbroken and facing career setbacks, he takes a bold step – hitting the road on a cross-country journey to California in a new car, hoping to find clarity. Along the way, Patterson makes a life-altering decision to get a tattoo from a gifted artist in North Carolina, setting off a chain of extraordinary events.

Patterson discovers a newfound ability to witness three different lives in real-time, each offering unique paths filled with love, fame, and danger. The novel unfolds as he grapples with the choice between his current life and two divergent destinies, leading to unforeseen consequences.

"Mr. Breakfast" is not just a novel; it's a dazzling, absorbing, and deeply moving exploration of the choices we confront in life. Jonathan Carroll showcases his storytelling prowess, solidifying his status as one of the greatest and most imaginative modern masters of the fantastic. Immerse yourself in a narrative that surprises, entertains, and delves into the profound aspects of the human experience.

About the Author

Jonathan Carroll

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Jonathan Carroll is an American author known for his unique and imaginative contributions to contemporary fantasy and magical realism. Born on January 26, 1949, in New York City, Carroll has crafted a body of work that defies conventional genre boundaries, blending elements of fantasy, horror, and psychological fiction.

Carroll's storytelling is characterized by its lyrical prose, intricate plots, and a keen exploration of the human psyche. His narratives often unfold in worlds where the magical and the mundane coexist, and characters grapple with extraordinary events while facing profound personal and philosophical challenges.

One of Carroll's notable works is "The Land of Laughs" (1980), his debut novel that gained acclaim for its inventive narrative and literary style. The story revolves around a biographer who delves into the life of a deceased children's book author, only to discover unsettling connections between fiction and reality.

Over the years, Jonathan Carroll has built a reputation for his ability to blend the supernatural with the everyday, creating stories that resonate on both emotional and intellectual levels. His novels, including "Bones of the Moon" (1987), "Outside the Dog Museum" (1991), and "The Wooden Sea" (2001), showcase his versatility and innovation within the fantasy genre.

Carroll's works have garnered a dedicated following among readers who appreciate his skillful storytelling and the thought-provoking themes woven into his narratives. While he may not be as widely known as some mainstream authors, his influence on contemporary fantasy literature is significant, inspiring others to explore unconventional and deeply introspective storytelling.

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