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Essential Succulents: The Beginner's Guide

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Published date : 30 Oct 2018

Genres : Art

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Essential Succulents: The Beginner's Guide

Learn to grow and design with succulents using the simple, step-by-step guidance in Essential Succulents. In recent years, succulents have become increasingly popular for their low-maintenance use as indoor decoration and in-home gardening. In Essential Succulents, budding succulent enthusiasts will gain the know-how needed to begin growing, decorating with, and enjoying these amazing plants. From simple houseplants and drought-friendly landscaping to decorative wreaths and trendy mason jar terrariums, Essential Succulents is the ultimate guide to learning which succulents are best for beginners, along with a basic understanding of how to care for and creatively design with them. Accompanied by beautiful photography of the succulents and projects presented, Essential Succulents includes: ⦁ 50 easy-to-grow succulents that can grow in a variety of environments, as well as a care guide and arrangement tips for each. ⦁ 8 easy DIY projects that include step-by-step instructions and are listed in order from easiest to more challenging. ⦁ Guidance for growing indoor and container succulents, including what they need to thrive—such as the right light, soil, and irrigation. ⦁ Instructions for creating outdoor succulent gardens that require minimal maintenance and saves money on water. Whether you’ve never cared for succulents before, or are interested in deepening your understanding of them, Essential Succulents will give you the confidence you need to explore your succulent-growing passion.

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