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The Unstoppable Startup by Uri Adoni

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Published date : 08 Sep 2020

Genres : Business

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The Unstoppable Startup by Uri Adoni

In the cutthroat, ultracompetitive world of entrepreneurship, business owners are looking for any edge they can get that will increase their odds of success. Veteran venture capitalist Uri Adoni shares the secrets to Israel’s incredible track record of success in this new guide that will help make any startup unstoppable.

As more and more people take the leap to starting their own business in the hopes of creating the next gazelle (an industry term for a high-growth startup), the sad fact is that over half of them will fail. The majority of these failures occur during those crucial early stages of development, where funding is limited and businesses need to prove their viability, with little or no budget to work with.

Yet the story in Israel is much different. It has one of the highest concentrations of startups in the world and is also the global leader in research and development. The Unstoppable Startup shows entrepreneurs of all types how Israel has been able to achieve this level of success and, more importantly, it provides practical, step-by-step guidance on how they can apply these lessons to their own situations. Key benefits include:

Understanding Israel’s secret formula that has made it so successful in fostering small-business growth, from an insider’s perspective
Seeing how each stage in the early life of a startup has specific challenges and learn what actions are required to navigate each one safely
Getting the insider’s perspective on how Israel’s leading venture capital group, Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), partners with the startups they invest in, in all phases of growth
Learning how Uri Adoni is applying the lessons in the book right now, to the Miami startup community

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The Unstoppable Startup  by Uri Adoni

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